Healthcare Industry Trends

The Healthcare industry is going through a rapid transformation and patients expect a better patient experience. 

Technology is the only way to achieve it.

Healthcare analytics focuses on the technologies and processes that measure, manage, and analyze healthcare data. Using healthcare analytics properly enables you to make more effective and efficient operational and clinical decisions

Patients want to consult a healthcare providers from the comfort of their homes and are increasingly adopting telemedicine solutions

Health systems are moving to the cloud managing lower TCO and cost savings 

AI Is being widely used in healthcare for Mining medical records, Medical Imaging, Drug Discovery, Health Chatbots assisting patients and doctors, Disease Management

How Fenixwork can help ?

Fenixwork has helped clients for whom we have developed various software in the Healthcare industry. We have deep expertise in the technology and business functions in Healthcare sector. Some of the application we built

  • Chatbot for a Hospital to manage patient queues
  • Telemedicine solution used by Large Health systems on daily basis
  • Computer vision and Predictive analytics solution for Health systems

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