Education Industry Trends

Video is becoming a de facto medium for learning purpose. Instead of reading long paragraphs, students would also prefer to watch videos for better understanding and knowledge retention process. 

Technology can drive usage of e-learning or self-paced learning. Many universities have come up with online courses and students are supposed to enrol in a couple of such courses in each semester compulsorily. The examinations are conducted online by the universities and the evaluation happen online as well.

Chatbots are becoming quite a trend in Education Industry helping in resolution of students queries

How Fenixwork can help ?

Fenixwork have helped clients for whom we have developed various tools in Education industry. We have deep expertise in the technology and business functions in Education. Some of the application we built

  • Chatbot for a University helping in answering students queries
  • Learning solution for a School leveraging video technologies
  • Online question generator for the Education industry using Machine Learning

Our case studies

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