Telemedicine Solution

  • Date: 18 April 2021
  • Category: Development, Saas, Healthcare
  • Client: Bharati Hospital
  • Skills: WebRTC, AWS, Angular, Backend

Project Brief:

Bharati Hospital , Sangli was looking for a telemedicine solution to connect the Rural PHC with their Tertiary care hospital located at Sangli. They were looking for seamless connectivity and integration of medical devices in this telemedicine solution. Fenixwork with their Heallify product pitched in to develop this solution. 


Bharati Hospital operates rural clinics. The clinics do not facilitate specialized consultations with specialist list Orthopedics, Opthalmology, Gynecology. The patient has to travel 40 KM to get the consultations. During COVID-19 the situation was worst due to lockdown. 


Heallify with its SaaS-based telehealth solution was given an opportunity to help launch specialist consultations for Bharati Hospitals. Our solution helped more than 100+ patients in 3 months to get specialized consultations for the patients. We also integrated BLE medical devices (ECG/Digital stethoscope ) with this approach so that the patient’s readings can also be sent to consulting doctors in real time. Solution consist of Web Application , Mobile App.